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Great gifts for grant writers

Looking for a great gift for your grant writer? Since you can’t give them what they really want (less character limits and 100% award rate!), here are some great gifts for those souls who are all about the money:

A Coffee Cup. Or Four.

You know when a writer is under deadline because the tightly compressed lips and intense stare greet you when you knock on their closed office door. Just drop this coffee cup on the desk and run.

Writing a grant includes lots of meetings, research, and feedback sessions. Then all those drafts with comments end up one place – on the grant writer’s desk two hours before the deadline. Buy this coffee cup for your own miracle worker.

How others think grants are written, and how they are really written, are two very different stories. Your grant writer probably knows all too well what it’s like to be awake at 2 a.m. fixing your files. Get those super-dedicated writers a coffee cup that says you understand (and start getting your files in earlier!).
Enough said. This coffee cup is only for the most awesome of grant writers.

Something to put in their coffee cup

Giving a coffee cup without anything to put in it might be viewed in the same way your grant writer considers funders who only fund programs but won’t fund salaries (because, you know, robots run our programs). Give your grant writer some great coffee that gives back. If a dog is their favorite writing partner, they’ll love some coffee from Grounds & Hounds – a company that gives back to dog rescue initiatives. Or if they’re more of a people person, check out Alpha Coffee’s veteran initiatives or Grounds for Change, a company that’s serious about fair trade coffee.

Ultimate Grammar Geek Gift set

Sometimes, writers can be smug and superior about their writing. But then, your nonprofit won the grant, right? Let your grant writer know you value their nitpicking ways with this cool grammar geek gift box.

Writer’s Blocks

Sometimes, a writer just can’t write, even though the budget and the research are done and the clock is ticking. Be helpful – shove them into creative mode. Use these foam dice to distract your literary genius into working.

A Writer’s Clock

A short autobiography, written in five-minute increments of appreciation and solidarity. Who has been spying on me at my desk like this? (Really, this writer’s clock is my favorite.)

A Writer’s T-shirt

We all need encouragement sometimes. Let your inner writer know that your inner editor doesn’t hate you. Plus, your grant writer could probably sleep and work in this writer’s t-shirt when the writing really gets tough.

Goddess of Grants Mousepad

Need I say more? Show your appreciation to your favorite sassy money machine with this mousepad.

Do you know of other great gifts for grant writers? Comment below and let us know!

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December 10, 2020

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