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Have you ever looked at a grant opportunity…and decided not to apply because the financial information requested seemed out of your league? Non-profits are businesses, in addition to being amazing organizations dedicated to sharing resources with people in need and creating positive change in our communities. But, simple appeals to noble hearts will not win […]

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Financial statements: Crucial tools for winning grants

Person using calculator with financial statements in background

Grant Readiness

Positive media accounts of success stories at your non-profit do not just make you and your staff feel great. These coveted stories are validation to anyone that your non-profit is worth extra funding. Sometimes, busy non-profit leaders feel that generating puff pieces for the local media is not worth their time. Here’s why a few […]

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How positive media can help you win more grants

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Grant Readiness

Did you know that the average foundation grant takes about 20 hours to complete, beginning to end? Government grant applications can take as much as three months to fully prepare and submit. With all the work that goes into it, sometimes it might feel like the grant process is just not a good use of […]

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Repurpose your best grant prose

Woman looking at wall of papers

Grant Writing

Nonprofits offer lots of programs to improve their communities. They also develop new programs regularly as their communities’ needs change. Oftentimes, programs are created quickly and delivered by existing staff with existing resources. In this environment, it’s easy to ignore the need for a program budget. But this is an important first step that you […]

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How to create a program budget

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Grant Readiness

Foundation Source notes that two-thirds of foundations are small family foundations with less than $1 million in assets. And even though a foundation legally only has to give 5% of their assets away each year, many give far more – especially the smaller ones. They balance the account by adding more assets to it. And…those […]

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Finding and partnering with a family foundation

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Grant Finding