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Writing grants might seem like a dry, boring business to some. But it doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, grant copy that sparkles with life and showcases solid outcomes will garner attention…and successful funding.   My mantra is to be tight, light, and right. People who write tight copy use simple sentences to explain the main idea. Prudent, creative word choices and sentence variety lead to a light […]

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How to write tight, light, and right grants

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Grant Writing

Looking for a great gift for your grant writer? Since you can’t give them what they really want (less character limits and 100% award rate!), here are some great gifts for those souls who are all about the money: A Coffee Cup. Or Four. You know when a writer is under deadline because the tightly […]

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Great gifts for grant writers

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Grant Writing

Especially this year, you may feel a burning urgency to land a grant right now to help get your organization through the end of this awful year. It might be a great time to focus on grants…but it depends on what you need most. Usually, grants provide restricted income. This means that the funds can […]

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Recovering after COVID-19 funding losses

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Grant Readiness

You received a grant? Congratulations! Often, the process of applying for grants feels impersonal. Unless the foundation has a site visit as part of the application, you might have a hard time envisioning the real people who said yes to your invitation to support your project. Even though you might be excited, you probably are […]

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Thanking foundations early and often

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Grant Management

Foundation Source notes that two-thirds of foundations are small family foundations with less than $1 million in assets. And even though a foundation legally only has to give 5% of their assets away each year, many give far more – especially the smaller ones. They balance the account by adding more assets to it. And…those […]

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Finding and partnering with a family foundation

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Grant Finding