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Positive media accounts of success stories at your non-profit do not just make you and your staff feel great. These coveted stories are validation to anyone that your non-profit is worth extra funding. Sometimes, busy non-profit leaders feel that generating puff pieces for the local media is not worth their time. Here’s why a few […]

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How positive media can help you win more grants

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Grant Readiness

Writing grants is different than crafting appeal letters, event invitations, or corporate sponsorships. Grants are an investment – and proving that your non-profit is worthy of an investment can make for dry copy. In a grant, you not only sell your services and outcomes, but you also showcase your organization’s business support systems to assure […]

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Helping funders see the people you serve

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Grant Writing

A grant report is a formal way for you to update your funders on what you’ve accomplished with their grant money. Many funders have some grant reporting guidelines, but some funders have no guidelines at all. While the latter may sound like a dream come true, it can be hard to write a grant report […]

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How to write a grant report when your funder has no reporting guidelines

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Grant Management