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You received a grant? Congratulations! Often, the process of applying for grants feels impersonal. Unless the foundation has a site visit as part of the application, you might have a hard time envisioning the real people who said yes to your invitation to support your project. Even though you might be excited, you probably are […]

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Thanking foundations early and often

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Grant Management

When you start a non-profit, your vision is NOT to beg people for money. Your vision centers on a personal encounter with real people in your community who need help. So, you help people! Others join in. And the programs grow. Eventually, your expenses outpace your income. Or you are hit with an unemployment claim […]

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Four income streams BESIDES grants 

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Grant Readiness

Applying to private foundations as part of your funding strategy makes perfect sense. First, they too, have a mission they’re trying to achieve and are looking for partners like yourself to meet that mission. Also, it’s not a secret they are required by law to give away a minimum 5% of their prior year’s assets. […]

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4 ways to avoid the “one size fits all” approach

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Grant Writing

Writing grants is different than crafting appeal letters, event invitations, or corporate sponsorships. Grants are an investment – and proving that your non-profit is worthy of an investment can make for dry copy. In a grant, you not only sell your services and outcomes, but you also showcase your organization’s business support systems to assure […]

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Helping funders see the people you serve

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Grant Writing

We’ve all been there. You started the five-figure grant request weeks ago, but you’re short-staffed and now it’s 3 pm on D-Day (deadline day). There you are, staring at the sloppy copy generated during  three hours of overtime last night. Tweaks to the grant writing process can wait until next time. You have to submit […]

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9 proofreading hacks for grant writers

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Grant Writing