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Nonprofits offer lots of programs to improve their communities. They also develop new programs regularly as their communities’ needs change. Oftentimes, programs are created quickly and delivered by existing staff with existing resources. In this environment, it’s easy to ignore the need for a program budget. But this is an important first step that you […]

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How to create a program budget

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Grant Readiness

Foundation Source notes that two-thirds of foundations are small family foundations with less than $1 million in assets. And even though a foundation legally only has to give 5% of their assets away each year, many give far more – especially the smaller ones. They balance the account by adding more assets to it. And…those […]

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Finding and partnering with a family foundation

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Grant Finding

Sometimes, people tell me that they LOVE writing grants. They say it feels so good to put all that information down on paper, reminding them that they work for a great organization. But the writing is just the tail end of the process. The secret to my success as a grant writer is actually the […]

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Required research BEFORE you write grants

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Grant Finding

As grant writers, we’ve been there before. We’re on our 6th day (or more!) of foundation research when we find the perfect match: they give in our specific geographic area; interest area; population; the type of support we need; and clear of other restrictions. Score! Then we see the dreaded checkmark on Page 10, Part […]

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3-step strategy to approaching foundations that only give to pre-selected organizations

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Grant Finding

We’re a little over a week into processing and responding to the COVID-19 crisis. By now, you’ve probably worked through most of the logistics of keeping your staff and clients safe, canceled programs and events, and considered how you can best serve your community during these unprecedented times. You’ve also probably thought about (or stressed […]

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12 grant tasks to do during the COVID-19 crisis

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Grant Management