Effective programs create healthier communities.

You know exactly what you want to improve in your community.
But how do you make those improvements? Maybe you’ve tried some things in the past but you aren’t seeing the change you expected. Or maybe you’ve identified a new issue or population you want to address.

Creating measurable and sustainable change in your community takes hard work, passion, and high quality programs and services that have been proven to work.

What do you need to create the change you want to see?


Developing impactful programs requires research on the community’s documented need and evidence-based practices that can address those needs. We can provide extensive research services for you to form a solid framework for your program design.

Program Identification

Did you know there are programs to address a variety of health and social issues that have been proven to be effective? We can help you identify an evidence-based or evidence-informed program that will address your community’s needs.

Program Design

Ready to design your own program to meet your unique community’s needs? We’ll design a program for you from start to finish and train your staff so they’re prepared to implement it.

Program Implementation

Implementing a program with fidelity takes attention to detail and, oftentimes, extra staff support. We can help you implement new programs and provide additional human resources to ensure your current staff aren’t stretched thin.


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