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Changing behavior is hard but is so important if you’re trying to improve community health and well-being. The Health Belief Model is a great tool to use to guide your efforts.

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Changing behavior with the Health Belief Model

Health Education

A survey is a great tool for learning more about your customers, clients, and community. In fact, surveys are one of the best (and sometimes, only) ways we can

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How to develop surveys your community wants to take

Grant Readiness

Where can you find grants?! There isn’t a simple answer but there are ways you can prepare yourself to conduct your best grant search yet!

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Six steps to (prepare to) find more grants

Grant Finding

Writing a federal grant application is a lot of work. Follow these 10 steps to make the process easier.

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10 steps for a successful federal grant season

Woman working at a table outside, writing with a computer open

Grant Writing